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Although various maintenance methods such as waxing, glazing, coating and crystal plating have been born in the automobile paint maintenance market, they are still unable to protect against the scratches and corrosion suffered by the automobile.
Invisible car clothing with better paint maintenance effect has gradually entered the vision of the majority of car owners. As a currently recognized good, what is the role of the invisible car clothes based on TPU material?
1. Scratch resistance
When we use the car, even if the driving skill is good, small scratches are inevitable. The TPU invisible car clothing has strong toughness, and it will not break even if it bears severe tension. It can effectively prevent the damage caused by flying sand and stones, hard objects scratching and body bumping (door opening and wall bumping, door opening and car bumping), and protect the original paint of our car.
And good TPU invisible car clothes have scratch repair function, and small scratches can be repaired by themselves or heated. The core technology is the nano coating on the surface of the car clothes, which can give TPU dense protection, so that the car clothes can reach the service life of 5-10 years, which is not available in crystal plating and sealing glaze.
2. Corrosion prevention
In our living environment, many substances are corrosive, such as acid rain, bird droppings, plant seeds, gum, and insect corpses. If you don't pay attention to protection, the car paint that has been exposed for a long time is very easy to be corroded, causing the car paint to peel off and the car body to rust.
The invisible car coat based on aliphatic TPU has stable chemical properties and is difficult to be corroded. It is a good choice to protect the car paint from corrosion damage (aromatic TPU has poor molecular structure stability and cannot effectively resist corrosion).
3. Avoid wear
After using the car for a period of time, observing the car paint in the sun, we will find circles of small fine lines, which is often referred to as solar lines. Sunburn, also known as spiral, is mainly caused by friction. For example, when we wash the car, the cloth rubs the paint surface.
When the paint is covered with sun lines, the brightness of the paint decreases and the appearance value decreases greatly. At this time, it can only be repaired by polishing, and the car with the invisible car coat pasted in advance has no such trouble.
4. Improve appearance
The principle of improving the brightness of invisible car clothing is light refraction. The invisible car clothing has a certain thickness. When the light reaches the surface of the film, it will refract and then reflect into our eyes, resulting in the visual effect of brightening the paint.
TPU invisible car coat can improve the brightness of car paint by 30-50%, and improve the appearance of the whole car. If properly maintained, the brightness and gloss of the car body can be maintained for a long time, as long as the car is washed occasionally.
5. Enhance anti fouling ability
After rain or car washing, the evaporation of water will leave a lot of water stains and watermarks on the car body, which are ugly and will damage the car paint. The invisible car clothes have good hydrophobicity. By understanding the structure of the invisible car clothes, we know that the TPU substrate is evenly coated with a layer of polymer nano coating, and its surface will automatically gather and fall when it meets water and oily substances. It has the same self-cleaning ability as the lotus leaf effect and will not leave dirt.
Especially in rain prone areas, the existence of invisible car clothing can reduce water stains and dirt residues. This layer of dense polymer material makes it difficult for water and oil dirt to penetrate, thus avoiding direct contact with the car paint and causing corrosion damage.
6. Convenient for cleaning and handling
The car is like a person. Whether a car is clean and tidy also represents the personal image of the owner, but whether it is washing the car or going to the car wash shop, it takes time and effort, and the original paint will also be damaged.
The surface of the invisible car clothes is smooth, and it is convenient to wash the car. If it is dirty, simply wash it with water and spray it with special protective fluid for the invisible car clothes. The hydrophobic design allows dirt to be wiped off as soon as it is wiped, which is not easy to hide and accept dirt, and reduces the handling time.
7. Save maintenance costs
There are many items of car paint maintenance, such as waxing, glazing, coating, crystal plating, etc., which require cost and time cost. Take crystal plating as an example. Without scratching, the effect of one-time crystal plating can last from 8 months to 1 year, during which the crystal plating layer will continuously volatilize, and the use cost of one year is nearly 2000.
The invisible car clothes can last for 5 to 10 years, and the price has also decreased. The average use cost of one year is no more than 1000. The protective effect of invisible car clothes is far better than other maintenance methods.
8. Long term maintenance of vehicles
The value of the original car paint accounts for about 10% - 30% of the whole vehicle, and the post touch up paint cannot be recovered. Used car dealers take this as one of the evaluation factors when collecting or trading vehicles. When trading, sellers also pay more attention to whether the vehicle is the original paint.
By using invisible car clothes, the original paint of the vehicle can be protected for a long time. Even if you want to replace a new car in the future, you can also increase the value preservation rate of the car and get a good price in the second-hand car transaction.
In general, a good TPU invisible car coat can protect the original car paint, improve the car experience, save money and maintain value. It is a good choice to maintain your car.
The above is a detailed introduction about Jinan invisible car clothes. I hope it can help you. If you have any questions, please contact us. We will provide services for you with a professional attitude http://www.tiekemoshe.com/
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